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Thread: Portable Hard Drive recommendations Please

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    Hi Guys

    I have lots of "data" I wish to keep safe.

    I used to have 2 computers, one in my house one in a shed so I was able to backup files to the one in the shed for safety.

    But now I am in a new house with only one building so I can no longer do this.

    I will need to invest in some sort of portable hard drive that I can plug in to my main PC, backup the files on to it, and then take it to a friends place for storage.

    Can anyone recommend a good system to do this ?

    Eg some sort of caddy or USB drive etc and I have heard of some sort of system by Matrox.

    Kind Regards

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    There are plenty to choose from, here are some examples of what's available.

    I haven't bothered checking whether those are good prices, since I'm sure you know comparable sites in NZ.
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    i use my ipod...

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    You could get a USB2.0 External Enclosure:

    And insert a hard drive.

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    I prefer the external enclosure concept of VB's but, if at all possible, would recommend this Vantec unit.
    The eSATA interface is much faster than USB (if your client/host machines support SATA) and the enclosure is quite nicely built.
    In use, the Vantec is silent and the transfer speed is essentially similar to an internally mounted drive.

    Here's a comparision of two identical Seagate drives- one internal (blue) and the other in the Vantec enclosure (red)...
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