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Thread: Why tade accounts?

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    When people can send invites. Is it sause they want a buffer to hit and run with or what?

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    Yeah, although it's not really hit and run necessarily, it's just that in some places it's so hard to seed and get a high upload and its a lot nicer to start off with a really high ratio and not feel so worried that you are gonna fuck up right at the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdbrady
    When people can send invites.
    some trackers do not have invites

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    if invites can be sent, then im always suspicious of somebody requesting an account, rather than an invite. chances are they were previously banned, and wouldnt be able to signup with a new invitation.

    although somebody offering an account isnt so bad, as they may not have incites to offer.

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    When it come to invites VS accounts I would rather have an invite that way the account is personalised. Its MY account. ALL MINE.
    Also it gives me some pride that I built up the ratio not someone else.
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    also other people contented with only 2 accts, dont ask me why.

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    its valued higher if there is a buffer


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