this maybe has been posted but anyway

It seems to be like they open Invites, after all problems they being trough with their servers, they want to compensate with the opening of invites and give freeleech.

this is what they wrote :

"Due to all the problems with the hosting company and asia line problems. We have just picked up 2 new Dual Xeon servers and moving the site back out of Asia. Host is setting up servers tomorrow and we hope to start moving the site over the weekend. Speeds will be much better and with 2 dual 3.0 xeon servers site will be 100 times better, plus wont have the lag we have now due to being in asia.

Once site is up and fully running we will be turning on invites for a very limited amount of time, but should be enough time to get your buddys in.

We are also thinking to have some free leech time in as a thank you for staying around through this crappy time."

so now fellas u know, get ready.