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Thread: Great Dial Up (Fast, Easy, Free)**ADWARE*

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    Welcome to Great Dial Up. Your source for Fast, Free, Easy Dial Up Internet. We offer a quality service without the price. When you sign up with us you get free dial up internet service and a free 2 Gig email account. There are no strings attached. If you sign up for our service and for any reason are not satisfied you can cancel at any time. Sign up now! It's FREE!

    Unlike other service that just give you a limited number of hours per month, Great Dial Up is unlimited! We even use a Toll Free Number so there is absolutely no cost to you! You no longer need to wade through huge lists of local access numbers. Everyone uses the same Toll Free number to dial in. It has never been more simple.


    FAQ: Q: So if it is free how do you make your money?
    A: We consider ourselves a no frills ISP we offer only e-mail support. All of our dialup sevice is add supported.
    It supports XPs builtin DUN.

    OK got the facts & ugly adware part out of the way.

    When I check my firewall with my paid dialup ISP, I am totally STEALTH. No closed or open ports. On all GRC port scan tests. And 3 or 4 other firewall testing sites.

    When I use Great Dial Up (adware) ISP. My same firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall v5.5 build 2710. Shows an open & a closed port (79,80). Just on the common ports test at Didn't run the full first 1056 ports test.

    I don't consider this Sygates faullt. Can I make my firewall fully stealth with this adware ISP? Or is it impossible? Or do I have to finally switch firewalls?


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    Been awhile since I set up a Dial up connection , have you tried Sygate's on line scan to test your ports ?

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    GRC is just as reliable. That's where I got these results.

    And I didn't want to take the Symantec test.

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    fast dial up? lol, there's no such thing.
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