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Thread: Creed

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    ^_^ what do ya think of creed

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    Think they are pretty good listen to most of their stuff.Prefer later stuff though

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    I think they get too much radio airplay. They are the Bon Jovi of the 2000s.
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    My Own Prison was one of the best pure rock albums I have heard in recent memory
    The solo of the title track is just beautiful; makes me melt every time

    Human Clay was a little more commercial and not quite as heavy as MOP
    (okay, so I guess there's no such thing as a good acronymn for My Own Prison! lol)
    I still liked it but I found myself skipping tracks once in awhile.
    Namely With Arms Wide Open -- Thank you to all the mainstream music media providers
    for overplaying that track to the point of nausea

    Weathered was a little different. It had alot of experimental sounds, at least for Creed.
    Then again, the bass riffs were rather redundant b/c Tremonti had to play Guitar and Bass for the album
    Once again, I skipped a few tracks, but I can't say I'm dissappointed.

    I do agree with people who say that Scott 'Vedder' Stapp does sound alot like PJ's front man.
    But, does he try to do so? I don't really know, but I do know that if we trace every band out
    there today back to who they sound like, we'll have eight bands out there.

    I understand how people say that Creed is just doing PJ's successes over again, but
    the whole point of music making is writing music that you like. And what you like usually
    comes from your influences. So the fact that they took what they like and gave it their own touch
    is creative in all ways of speaking. Even if some people, and with good reason, like the stuff
    that Creed did before Creed did it (PJ).

    Point being, Creed is a talented band that write what they like. It so happens that what
    they like seems to be what alot of other bands like.

    I give them credit because of their musicianship. Will I ever put their musicianship in
    the same bracket as DMB's? NEVER!
    But I like them just the same.

    I would like to hear what others have to say about this
    without reverting to a childish "Creed Sucks Donkey Balls!!"
    so feel free to retort and tear my post apart.

    - Loomis

    Edit: typo

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    uhh yea what u said i admire creed a s a band and umm theyre koolbest friend hahah she jus swoons over stapp opps wasnt sposed to tell u that but ne way have u guys heard their new remix of dont stop dancing?

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    Ok great band

    My own prison best album they did by far

    arms wide open got flogged on the radio to death i think the song is about him about to have a new born son if u listen carefully.

    my only critic about creed is scott voice doesnt have the variety like some other grunge singers and the music somtimes gets preictable they rely on dynamics alot u know that it starts off soft then the destorted guitar will come in during the chorus

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    creed is great they need to mix it up a little more they have a tendancy not to change their style but overall its good

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    umm whuts ur uhh fav album i think i like umm my own prison

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    I love weathered

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    ive still goto say My own Prison love that opening track

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