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Thread: UseNeXT

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    Anyone here use UseNeXT?

    I signed up for a trial back when they first came about - think I got 100mb trial.
    Anyway, when it expired, I was still able to use the client (for searching etc)... and have been ever since.

    Whenever I formatted or wanted to install it onto a machine, I simply installed it and then replaced my old install over the top of the new one, and it worked again. The last time I tried this was years ago now tho.

    I have just formatted, and it doesn't work like that now - tried adding all the registry keys too, but still no joy - does anyone know how to get it working?

    I have it on another machine fully working, and know my user/pass for it too - but that checks and shows expired when inputting it normally.

    Please help, as I love searching using it, and NewsLeecher is too complex for me (and a free copy doesn't last long).


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    usenext is a scam site..avoid it at all cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by riceboi View Post
    usenext is a scam site..avoid it at all cost
    useNext are just making people pay too much for what they offer and even worse they will fuck off with your money if they get the opportunity.


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