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Thread: Why audio books?

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    kittybewm's Avatar bob bob bob bob
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    I've never tried audio books before and I don't really have any desire too. It seems like tons of people are getting more into it and I was wondering what's so great about it? Do you prefer audio books vs regular books? Explain.


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    Barbarossa's Avatar mostly harmless
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    good for when you're driving in the car I would imagine, when turning the pages could be problematic.

    Also good for paraplegics.

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    petra1210's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Audio books are good when you're driving in the car -> agree with Bararossa
    I love books sooo much but sometimes im listening to fairytales (X-mas time ) or some nice stories when im having hangover cause im so lazy then
    I prefer regular books of course!!!

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    bornwithnoname's Avatar Bit Master BT Rep: +1
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    I listen to audiobooks while I am driving. I read print books when I am at home. Some audiobooks have background music and some fx which gives a nice touch.

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    Its definitely for driving for me. Also, I'm a librarian, and I say anything to get people into books is ok with me. Even if it means they have to listen to them.

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    Timer's Avatar Dr. n00b
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    unfortunately, I can't use the driving excuse yet (soon though...). So I'll just have to go with the truth: I'm lazy!
    I'm not sure what i prefer, because even though audiobooks are definitely easier than regular books, there's something special in sitting down and just reading.
    over all, i read more books than i listen to audio books, but it depends on the situation.

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    Definately great for long trips whether I be driving, flying, or a passenger in either. Also, when I'm tired I don't have to have my eyes awake to be "reading" my book.

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    Laziness is the key issue here, people juz dun want to use their eyes lol.

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    thewizeard's Avatar re-member BT Rep: +1
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    Audio books are also handy if you are blind...or just can't read.

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    Mr JP Fugley's Avatar Frog Shoulder BT Rep: +4
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    It's really not a case of being either / or. I read books, I listen to audiobooks.

    I started with the audiobooks when I used to do long journeys by coach. I couldn't read because it made me feel sick and I couldn't concentrate on the book. So I started to listen to them instead. I found that I could close my eyes and become engrossed in the book, radio show, whatever and enjoy what would otherwise have been a worthless day. I could also watch what was going on around me e.g the scenery and still enjoy my listening.

    For me it's a case of having as many options open as possible. Listening to Wodehouse done well is an entirely different experience from reading his works. Whether it be an audiobook or a radio play. The trick is not to be a snob about it. If you like it, cool. If you don't like it, also cool. I'd rather someone listened to a great work than didn't experience it at all.

    In fact, let's be honest people, to watch a well made film of a Shakespeare play is probably nearer what he intended than reading the books. They are plays ffs, they aren't intended to be read.
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