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Thread: Is there any MP3 only P2P clients?

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    My young sister got an MP3 player for christmas. I want to get a P2P client for her to download songs from but I don't want one that can search for pics or movies be downloaded because of porn etc. Is there any clients that only do MP3s or any with good adult content filters?

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    use tracker that does only music or in your program set your hits only to audio.
    i think that "only music download" program doesn't exist

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    Yes, much as i like porn (being 56 yo) it is a bit upsetting when you type in Britney Spears and get lots of porn videos come up, to me that is a shame as there could be many 10 or 16 years olds seeing this stuff when they should not be, and they were not trying to.

    I use Ares, I'll check it out to see if you set an option to search for music only



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    gustafo - can you give me an example of such trackers?

    digmen1 - yeah I agree

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    yeah i dont think ares will meet ur needs..thats what i use for single music tracks but i dont see any filtering options..

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    Good client for music with its network - Soulseek
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    winmx since its "officially" dead it is less prone to riaa attacks
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    You should try soulseek, it's the best music p2p program I know. It can be slow some times, and there are also some idiots who ban you because you don't share more than [insert_number_here] artists for example, or just because they are bored of uploading, but if you can ignore this it's really good.

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    Soulseek is the only p2p client you really need for music. You can even find a consistant flow of leaked albums. If you can find a few good users that share similar music tastes, you are set.

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