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    I want to upgrade my comps ram cos it is 128mb at the moment. Apparently i have 2 slots for ram in my comp. I want to buy some ram but when i get it is it easy to install?
    I have to unscrew the cover and open it up dont i?
    Is it easy. Does instructions come in the box for RAM?
    Please Help!

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    It depends on what kind of RAM you have.

    What kind of RAM do you have?


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    Real easy m8, just make sure what Ram your board will take(dd or sd) it will tell you in motherboard manual or on top of the slot. pull the two clips out the way and firmly push your ram into the connector making sure the clips close locking it into place. It will only go 1 way round because it`s keyed.


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    Unless, of course, you have dual channel RAM.

    Then you will need to install in pairs, with equal values, ie. 64/64, 128/128, 256/256, etc.

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    Yeah brother, It is quite easy.

    Buying as much as you can afford would be wise. You should be able to find a 256Mb stick for under $50US.

    Windows will automatically recognize the extra memory you've just installed.

    Use the Belarc Advisor if you're not sure what you've already got.


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