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Thread: How Many Movies Do You Have In Your Shared Folder?

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    Ok I was just wondering how many movies some of you guys share. Give us a count instead of how large your shared folder is ( but that may also be quite useful). I have like 4 but my hd is 19GB
    So how many do you have?

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    I try to keep 10 in at all time, Im constantly alternating films in and out though, but I try to leave movies on for at least a week so others can download it from me. Oh and the rest of my space is dedicated to all eps of that 70s Show and SpidermanTAS (god i miss that show :'( )

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    about 25

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    I tend to keep about 10 in my shared folder, but I mainly keep movies that have taken a long time to download ie ones that not many people have ie Atlantis - Milo's return too me 3 days to download and Currently I am trying to download bulletproof Monk .... so far it has taken 4 days ..

    Also I tend to keep the latest movies there too.

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    I just keep 2 or 3 movies in my shared folder, but that's because I have a small HD 8.65 .
    and right now I sharing nothing, cuz I formated my HD 2 days ago.

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    i currently have 0 shared, because non of them are finished downloading.

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    50 movies, over 60 gigs hahaah


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    I got about 5 movies and 300 total files in my shared folder.

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    Just new to downloading movies, downloaded some but they aren't what they say they are which pisses me off. So I have nil in my folder the noo

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    89 movies on a 2gb hard drive

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