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Thread: Another Newbie Question!

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    I've just finished downloading Battlefied 1942 with the two files shown below


    I burnt them using Nero but when i come to install the games there are corrupted files and ultimately the setup has to end. I searched these forums and tried using CDMage as suggested but found that it only lets me open the files up as M1/2408 *.iso tracks???? and this will not let me run a repiar corrupted sectors. is there anything else I could try, it took me ages to download the two files!!!!

    Many Thanks

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    No, If your using CDMAGE it opens the CUE files that should be in the same Directory as your BIN file, then it can let you repair currupted files, to some extint, did you download your bin files off of Kazaa? If so then they probably are corrupted.

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    I didnt download any bin files, just iso files


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