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Thread: Song From Revolutions Trailer?

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    I have heard that dam song so many times in like all of the matrixs and I want it now.. LOL.. If you dont know what I am talking about, its in the trailer for matrix revolutions.. Its like a techno trance thing with a girl moaning and shit HEH.. Does anyone know the name of this song??

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    matrix theme - its by moby.

    search on kazaa.

    edit: wait, maybe thats not what youre looking for. try and see. its in the first matrix when neo walks by the woman in the red dress.

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    Nope thats not it, but thanx anyways because I was looking for that one to.. Does anyone else know what the song is?

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    Hmm, I think they're all good, just download the entire cd has it, and if you just want the good songs and not the background orchestral stuff, just download cd1, the second one is sorta boring, its all background themes...

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    Fluke - Absurd B)

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    doh, whitewash edit of that song, forgot to say that. Sorry. But that is where the music from the trailer came from

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    Sad, sad, sad. That's what I was before I discovered what music was really used in the trailers. Check out this l337 site! Hope it helps.


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