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Thread: Albums You Can Listen To Over And Over Again?

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    Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
    Pennywise - About Time
    System Of A Down - Steal This Album/Toxicity
    Finger Eleven - The Greyest Of Blue Skys
    Anti-Flag - Mobilize
    Disturbed - Believe
    Mudvayne - LD 50
    A Static Lullaby - And Dont Forget To Breathe
    Rise Against - The Unraveling/Revolutions Per Minute
    RA - From One
    Staind - 14 Shades of Gray (WOOOOO!!!!...what an album&#33

    Too many to name....
    Anyone else?

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    hmm thats a good one...i would have to say:

    Thrice-all albums
    Gob - foot in mouth disease
    s.o.a.d. - steal this album
    goldfinger-all albums
    afi-sing the sorrow
    nofx-the war on errorism

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    I would say
    Operation Ivy
    Pennywise, Full Circle
    Dr Dre, 2001
    Sublime-40oz to freedom
    Suicide Machines
    Sex Pistols-Nevermind The Bollocks
    Flogging Molly

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    Feb 2003
    Stone Temple Pilots Core
    Alice In Chains Dirt
    Spin Doctors Pocket full of Ckyrptnite
    Faith No More Th Real Thing
    Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine

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    Extreme Euphoria
    Ibiza Euphoria 99
    Clubbers Guide To Trance

    Metallica - The Black Album
    Dragonforce - Valley Of The Damned
    Chidren Of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts

    Lols... my taste in music is somewhat varied


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    J.S.Bach - The Art Of Fugue
    Beatles - Revolver / Sgt.Pepper's/White Album
    Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majestic..
    Police - Synchronicity
    Steve Vai - Alien Love Secrtes / Passion & Warfare
    Jason Becker - Perspective
    Eric Johnson - Venus Isle / Ah! Via Musicom
    Deep Purple - Purpendicular / Made in Japan
    Peter Gabriel - So/IV/III/II
    Joe Jackson - Big World
    Uto Ughi - Niccol Paganini's Complete Works
    L.v.Beethoven - 3th & 7th symhpnies
    W.A.Mozart - 99% of his works
    A.Vivaldi - Four Seasons
    Two Ton Shoes - everything...
    David Lee Roth - Eat 'em & smile / Skyscraper
    Van Halen - I
    Joe Satriani - Surfin' with the Alien
    Scarlatti - all works
    Tchaicowski - all works
    Wagner - all works
    Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight
    Cream - Wheels on Fire
    Wendy Carlos - Switched-On Bach/Sonic Seasonings/A Clockwork Orange
    Big Country - I
    Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down...
    Jethro Tull - Aqualung
    King Crimson - Red - In The Court of The C.K./Discipline
    Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets/Taking Tiger Mountain/Before and After Science/Music for Airports
    U2 - War
    Charlie Parker - all works
    John Coltrane - all works
    Sam Rivers - 60's-70's works
    Bob Dylan-Blood on the tracks
    Who - Who's next/Quadrophenia/Tommy...
    Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
    Steve Morse - The Introduction
    Frank Zappa - Hot Rats/Uncle Meet/Guitar....
    Residents - Commercial Album
    Kate Bush - The Whole Story
    Michael Hedges - Oracle/Taproot/Aearial Bounderies
    Kraftwerk - Autobahn
    Depeche mode - Some Great Reward/Music for the Masses
    Duran Duran - I/Notorious
    Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic

    ..soooo many others... is LIFE !!

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    2pac - greatest hits album
    50 cent - get rich or die tryin
    bone thugs n harmony - crossroads

    fuck Derby County

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    Soundgarden - Superunknown............A timeless piece. B)


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    Anthrax - Spreading the Disease

    Megadeth - Peace Sells but Whos Buying

    Metallica - ...And Justice For All

    Iron Maiden - Powerslave (best album of alllllll time) B)

    Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

    Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss

    NOFX - War On Errorism

    Pennywise - Land Of the Free

    mmm i cant think of anymore.

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    Too many to mention but lately had Evanescence-Fallen playing loads.

    But for the past 2 days i have been listening ot Staind-14 Shades Of Grey an amazing album that keeps getting better and better.

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