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Thread: weak as i am

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    I went to bed last night with full intentions of waking up as a non smoker.

    I smoked the last of my tobacco last night, cleared all ashtrays and any smoking paraphernalia from the house before going to bed.

    When I got up I was feeling ok, had the normal cup of tea, read my mails, etc, But within an hour I was feeling quite weird and very agitated.

    Well, I've just given in and bought a pouch of tobacco, I don't feel bad to my choice, I just could not do with feeling like I did, it's odd how smoking can calm you down.

    The withdrawal symptoms I had were quite bad, anxiety and anger, Thinking what the feck am I doing, give me the damn smoke Now you Mother Fecker, it was not quite that bad in the shop.

    It was not a new year’s decision, I just wanted to gain more of my health back by not smoking.
    I guess in time I will, but it shows me that I'm quite weak in that aspect, but quite good at other everyday challenges that are layed before me.

    I've just been reading about withdrawal symptoms,
    weight gain.
    Anxiety and irritability.
    Coughing, dry throat, and mucus.
    Difficulty concentrating.
    Feeling depressed.

    After reading what I have, I think it's best for me to continue smoking.
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    Good luck mate, i gave up a few years ago, i found it easyer than i thought it would be, but i only had a few a day, here's how i did it - i didnt go into any shops/off licences for a few months, only supermarkets - and steered clear of pubs/clubs and friends who smoked heavily, i also took up exersise regularly. to get rid of cravings i sustituted fags with health snacks, or sometimes just junk food.

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    Nice one.
    I know I can, I think it's just waiting for the right moment,
    I've stoped going to the pubs quite some time ago, and it's now just a habit with the smoking.
    Christmas has kicked me out a bit from my routine, will be glad when i'm back 100% keeping to my normal daily activities and then I can't smoke like I am.
    soon i hope
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    You sound like you need some substitutes Baz, try ice cold Coke for the hit, and chewing on a pencil for the cig substitute.

    You also need to ask yourself who is in charge of your body, you or the nicotine.

    The withdrawals only last a few days, when you feel the craving just remind yourself you no longer smoke.

    If all else fails, get on the patches.

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    Nice one Ava, Thanks for the advice, and good advice.
    it's a damn shame I ever started, it's disgusting and the staining I get on my two smoking fingers shows me I being a twat and smoking too much.
    Not only that, the pouch of drum I got today again cost me just under £5, That's another £5 I could of saved towards a nice holiday later in the year.
    will see what happends when this pouch is running out.
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Go to the quack tell him you're serious about quitting and you should be able to get the patches or whatever on the NHS,they run a scheme up here called New Leaf which offers support to help you quit.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo View Post
    will see what happends when this pouch is running out.
    Don't let it run out, go into the kitchen now and fill the pouch with water, I guarantee you won't be buying another one in a hurry, and if you do, wait for the right moment, when you're coughing your guts up, and do it again.

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    I used the gum, strong for the first week, then the weak one for a week.

    I also chewed normal gum practically all the time. I gave that up after about a month

    The worst cravings really do just last a few days. Basically if people can get thro' a day or two then they can give up.

    I had been smoking roll-ups for 20 years and gave up, so anyone can do it. You just need to want to.
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    I noticed that you said you were "feeling ok" until you had a cup of tea. Perhaps the "feeling quite weird and very agitated" was from the caffeine? Try without next time.

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    what give up tea and fags?

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