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Thread: wireless home network help

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    i hvae a 54 mbps wireless router (wgr614v2) and then i have a 54 mbps wireless usb 2.0 adapter.i have optimim online cable internet.i am trying to connect the router to my main pc which is running win xp home and the other pc that i am trying use the usb adapter is running win xp pro.i installed the usb adapter with no problem on the xp pro pc but it can not connect to the router because for some reason my internet does not connect when i connect the ethernet cable into the internet slot.what am i doing wrong and how can i make it all work?thanx

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    I can't tell from your post whether you mean you can't connect your pc to your router, or can't connect your router to the internet, or both. A little punctuation would probably help.

    First of all, connecting your router to the internet. Forget the wireless part for the moment.

    There are 5 ethernet ports on the back, 4 are LAN connections, the other (next to the antenna) is the WAN or internet connection. Assuming your cable modem originally connected directly to your pc, you should take the connector which plugged into the pc and plug it into the WAN connection of the router. Leave the other end connected to your cable modem.

    Now connect the cable that came with your router between the pc and one of the LAN ports, then turn the router on. Once it has initialised the following leds should be lit: power led, one of the local leds, and the internet led.

    Your ethernet port needs to be configured to obtain its network address automatically. It's not very likely, but if you originally had to enter an address provided by your ISP, then you need to change the settings to automatic - see appendix C of the reference manual on how to do this. Make a note of the settings before you change them though - you'll need them for the router.

    Now you can log in to your router - should take you to the logon screen - the user name is admin and the password is password. You can now start Setup Wizard and configure your connection to the internet.

    Come back to us once you've sorted that side of it out.
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    i did all that you said up until the router connecting to the internet.for some reason the pc does not reconize the router.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnq86 View Post
    i did all that you said up until the router connecting to the internet.for some reason the pc does not reconize the router.
    John, try this.

    Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections > Right click on the LAN icon and select Enable.

    Then put in your browser address bar and click Go, you should get into the router setup then. or is NOT an address on the web(like I thought), it is the address of your router and to set it up you need to use a browser window.


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