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    I just don't get this thing. I can't figure out how to upload movies to help my participation level or play movies that I have downloaded. I am so new at this.

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    Hey there boosted. Lets see well to upload files you dont have to do anything, once youve downloaded files to your shared folder people can upload from ya. Now if you want to change the number of people who can upload from ya, in Kazaa just click Options->Kazaa Lite Options; go to the traffic tab, and you can set your uploads there. As for playing the files. Well you have to make sure you have all the needed codec go here and download the k-lite codec pack. With that you should be able to watch any film you download. Oh and welcome to the forum

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    your participation lv is stuck on 1000 all the time, it cant go over that... so dont worry about it


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