Dear Readers,

I have used Super (c) for a long time now but then... I always have trouble whenever I am converting .wmv files to .avi.

Here are the Settings that I use:
.avi -> xVid -> .mp3

ffmpeg (As I only use mencoder with DivX)

Video: Everything left at default except the Bitrate -> 9600 with Hi-Quality 'ticked'
Audio: 48000 -> 2 -> 320 -> default

And it takes eternity to convert and I think it does as it takes a long time(about 30 ish minutes) but int he end it just errors...

The Video I am converting has the following details so maybe that will help in giving me the right settings to convert this properly.
Video Details:
Duration: 2h1m39sec
Bit Rate: 3517
Dimensions: 640x360
Size: 681MB

If you happen to need more information just ask, any help will be appreciated thank you.