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Thread: Problems With Eac/lame

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    I ripped two tracks Using EAC,Well I got the wave file but I can't get it to compress it to MP3.
    I have :rtfm:
    This is my first time using this encoder and ripper.

    I have used Musicmatch and AltoMP3 maker,andAudiograbber over the years.

    I read Pauls Pinned topic and decided to use EAC and Lame.
    I configured it exactly as the Post directed .

    Can anybody who uses these programs help.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    did u set it up so that it finds the lame exe file?? a dos screen should come up when its encodeing

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    Maybe something went wrong during the rip.

    Check the EAC logfile for errors. When there is an error, EAC refuses to encode.


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