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    I have been using BitTorrent for quite a while, at least from 2003. I was a WinXP user and have used most clients, last one was the amazing utorrent.

    I finally decided to make the "switch" to Mac and love it. However finding my torrent experience has not been so great :-( slow downloads, and no really good client. I can run utorrent under windows and easily get 500kb++ on various torrents. If I do the same under Mac I get about 50-60kb. I am sure its a config / setting issue.

    I have some questions.

    1. In windows you have to hack the tcpip.sys file to allow more than 10 connections, does any connection limit exist in Mac ? I also used to increase my half open connections to 70 (tcpip.sys limit was 100)

    2. Is their a set of settings I should use - I am back using Azureus under Mac, I tried tranmission and although the UI was nice - real lack of options.

    Thanks for any help :-)

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    I dont think you need to hack anything even on windows.
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    Hacks a vauge term, he means patch it.

    and woodyuk the limit isnt 100, you can make it up to 65,536 or whatever 2x10^16 is I think. and also sorry for not answering your question, the closest i ever got to using a mac at home was getting the hacked version for x86 computers and deciding there was too much documentation to read .


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