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Thread: TorrentBytes sign up HELP

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    Hi, i have been trying to register with torrentbytes for some time now with no success....

    i have registered twice but no confirmation email has come to my address...

    u can see at the screen shot that my sign up was successful, but i got no email.... after that i tried to register with my gmail but no success there either.....

    plz help me, do not know what to do anymore.... thx

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    2007-01-05 23:29:34
    The email system is down. We appologise to all the members who are unable to change email addresses, recover or confirm accounts.
    The coders are aware of the problem and will get it fixed as soon as possible. //Staff
    from their site.

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    Go into thier IRC support channel and wait for one of the admins to show up; they can fix this for you. Worked for me!

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    happened to me too,
    tried to talk to the admins and still didnt work
    hope you'll succseed

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    maybe stuck in spam filter?

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    i had the same problem and denise119(tb staff) help me

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    I tried a few sites and used my hotmail email. I never got the conformation email. Even in the spam folder.

    Tried the same sites through my private pop mail account, and they went trough no problem.


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    go to staff///


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