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    I really need help with a problem I'm having with, I suspect, my Internet connection. For some unknown reason I can no longer sign into MSN Messenger, it says that the service is unavailible or my connection is faulty. I cannot connect to ANY HL, CS or DOD servers, saying that they could not verify me with the Won.Net servers.

    I am coming to the idea that my connection is being blocked by something. If someone can help me with this I would really appreciate this.

    Here is a few things you may need to know about my computer:-

    ISP: OptusNet 1.0Mbps Broadband
    OS: Windows XP Professional
    Protections: I have Internet Security set to Medium. I have no Firewalls excluding the one that came with Windows XP, but that has been de-activated.

    PS. My connection has really slowed down. A lot of websites now take 2 or 3 times as long to load.

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    Did you scan for viri and other shit...??
    Online scan will be good. Or check registry for Starr Commander... lot of those seems to be installed the last month..

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    Well the problem was fixed, Optus sent out an email explaining what happened, something about the cables in my area, quite a lot of problems in area. Problems fixed now. Jesus I got to go all the boards I posted this and on and let them know...


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