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Thread: Enter The Matrix Rip

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    I got the rip but it does not have any subtitles or voices, even with subtitles on and the sound up!

    Would anyone who has the game and has voices/subtitles send me the files needed for voices or subtitles please?

    Either upload them somewhere and post the download link or e-mail them to me please! My E-mail is Make the Subject Voices/Subtitles so I know what to open. Thanks!

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    well thats what a rip means no movies, intro, some sounds are missing from game if you want the sounds and everything else buy the game or download the bins.

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    Yeah, what do you expect??

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    "Duh!" It's rip and this missing elements are the result of a rip file.
    So don't hope for too much now, try getting the ISO (bin cues etc).

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    I mean download the .bins or buy the game i bought the game im glad i did. The rip will be pointless cos the whole point of the game is to watch the movies becauase they go with the matrix trilogy to tell you some of the story that is missed ingenious. i bought it on wednesday completed with ghost on saturday but now i have to complete it on niobe in order to get the whole story.


    Also has anyone got the game and cheated and entered the sparks training level cos i want to know how to complete it

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    When did I say I expected a rip to have videos, I said if anyone had the full version they could send me the files, so it would have all the stuff the rip was missing. So, again, if anyone would be kind enough to send the files, please?

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    you'll need to get them from the cds then because thats were they get left when they get ripped.


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