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Thread: What UK ISP?

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    hi, this is my first post so.... uh.... Hi!

    anyway, i am having trouble finding an ISP, basic requirements, 8mb adslmax, unlimited usage, no blocked ports, no "F"UP. and not rediculously expensive. i was looking at AOL and BT buisness, but both of their about 30 packages have both gained a FUP it seems!

    only two i have found now are and the former of which looks a little pricy, the latter of which looks like it might be quite a hassle opting out of their central firewall. anyone have any experience with either of these?

    thanks in advance!

    btw: i cant get cable, be, or bulldog unfortunatly

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    no to BT buisness.

    im on it and the fuckers capped me during peak hours (6-12) cos i download to much. but if ur a light downloader then go for it

    also this is meant to be good:

    never used it myself but heard its good.

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    If I was gonna go for an ISP right now it would be just for the speed factor.

    But since i'm stuck on a contract with so for the moment I wont be going anywhere. < They have been pretty good connection wise, hardly any disconnects in the past 3 months or so. Customer service is a bit ropey, but thats hardly surprising these days. Speed is crap but i'm pretty far from my local exchange. 1mb down and 512 up

    You should also check out: for further reading on the good the bad and the ugly of the ISPs in the UK.

    Again unfortunatley I don't live in a cable area..
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    If you've got sky then skybb is a good option.

    They've got a fup but it must be set pretty high, i've not heard of anyone being pulled for it yet.

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