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Thread: NEED Help on Bitspyder

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    my account was good till 2 days ago
    and today i find that it is disabled
    when i go to their irc channel
    i think that there is something wrong i can not understant it there
    then i find that they even bann me from the irc channel and bann my ip
    i did not do any thing there like cheating or hit and run or invite cheater as i did not have invite
    can any one help me
    if can know why disabled and if can remove the bann
    just pm me and give u the account name

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    No one till now can help
    i get this account after loooong time
    i need ur help
    there is another thing the site give me page
    the page can not be found when i tried it from another computer
    did it occure to any one

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    i would like to help but im not menber there, u must have done something to make them that decision bro..
    " I didn't want to become Peruvian, i just got lucky "

    No preocupetion mister! A mi los Apaches me apapachan!
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    I sent a message to one of the staff stating you would like more info as to why you were disabled. Ill post below if I get a responce from him/her.

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    i contact one of the admins
    and he enabled the account back to me
    but the problem now is that the page of the site
    is can not be displayed
    any one know why?

    THANK u Melvinmeow for ur nice feeling but if u can find why it is not displayed

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    They probably forget to remove your ip from the banlist when they enabled your account. Tell them to check to see if your ip is still banned.


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