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    My sister has purchased a domain name from which is fine, it was 8.88 but i think it is just for the website addrese. Am i right in thinkin that i cant just upload the web site from frontpage.

    What do i need to do without paying anymore money


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    you will need to pay for hosting.... although it doesnt have to be expensive

    the host i use is but thats mainly because it is run by somone i know over IRC, but it does seem like good value for money

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    any others that are really cheap then please.

    Also i am uploading with frontpage so does that mean it has to have frontpage extentions or not?

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    yes, it does mean it will require front page extensions i belive.

    however, unless you have a really good reason to use front page, i wouldnt, its just not very good. nowadays i would just use a content managment system such as E107 or joomla, both are free (as in, open source) and quite easy to use.

    hope that helps

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    My brother in law has done it in frontpage which was easier for him so webspace that will work with this at a cheap price, cheers


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