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Thread: The Sims Superstar Problem

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    the one that i downloaded, works in a sense, the sims superstar loads, goes through some of the things at the bottom, but then cuts back to the desktop, have i done something wrong, is there anyway you people can help, or direct me to a crack that works. it says someat about u need windows hotfix then a version number in order to work this game, but i have the latest one theres none on windowsupdate plus surlym u dont need it, cus what about people who buy the game without the internet.

    id appreciate if any1 ables to help


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    You need to give us some more information, like take a screenshot of the error, or Copy down exactly what the error says word for word. Where did you get the Files? Was it a RIP or an ISO? Did you burn it to a disc or did you install from the hard drive?

    What kind of System you have? Processor speed, Video Card, Amount of Ram? Are you sure you meet the minimum system requirements?

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    I have the same problem, cant seen to find out what it is, it was a bin file that ive burnt to cd, ive tried a no-cd crack bu this doesnt work either.

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    it was from Bit Torrenmt i converted to an iso, any idea whats happeneing ??, it loads but then cuts back to desktop

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    Simple solution........ Buy it
    Only 24.99

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    Originally posted by Kazaa Lite freak@19 May 2003 - 16:53
    it was from Bit Torrenmt i converted to an iso, any idea whats happeneing ??, it loads but then cuts back to desktop
    Still didnt ansewer my question, Did you burn it to a disk or take the files from the BIN and install it from your hard drive,

    And whats your system specs?

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    my specs meet the required easily, by much more in fact, i burnt the files from the iso to a cd, and installed from the cd

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    Use CDMAGE and scan the BIN files for errors, if errors come up, Rebuild the sectors and scan it again, if it still has errors, then download it froma diffrent source.

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    done, both .bins r error free, which is good but bad cus it dont explain whats going on

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    im having the same exact problem guys

    it loads up and will get to where it says at the bottom loading empyreal entities then crash to the desktop.

    ive tried everything i possibly know and cant find a solution.

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