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Thread: need help

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    first i have both utorrent and bit tornado installed
    question 1. what is dht and do i need that enabled?
    question 2. what is the best port to have open ?
    i dont have a firewall enabled and my router seems to be allowing
    peers in but at the bottom of utorrent im getting a orange !
    stating im not connectable and that i need to open a port

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    dht should be disabled.

    DHT is: Distributed hash tables (DHTs) are a class of decentralized distributed systems that partition ownership of a set of keys among participating nodes, and can efficiently route messages to the unique owner of any given key. Each node is analogous to an array slot in a hash table. DHTs are typically designed to scale to large numbers of nodes and to handle continual node arrivals and failures, by constructing a structured overlay network in which each participating node needs to communicate with only a small fraction of the other nodes. This infrastructure can be used to build more complex services, such as distributed file systems, peer-to-peer file sharing systems, cooperative web caching, multicast, anycast, domain name services, and instant messaging.

    a port range within the region 49152 through 65535 is preferable.
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    i really appriciate your responce ill try that for ports
    i did have the dht allready disabled good guess on my part

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    if u r a member of TL u can go 2 the forums & u have there a manual in the help section how 2 disable DHT in your client.
    & if u aren't a member there pm me & i'll help u...
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