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Thread: Why WinMX?

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    What is so great about WinMX i see tons of people using it is it better than all the rest? What do you perfer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Noah View Post
    What is so great about WinMX i see tons of people using it is it better than all the rest? What do you perfer?
    WinMx serves a purpose as a great community and chat network that is easy for average user to access. Get into a community and people are often willing to help share with you (whilst they are using other methods to download! lol).

    WinMX lives but only just, almost all users have other methods of downloading. It is for me a chill zone.

    Other options limewire good but full of viruses. E mule you got all week? Ahh Bit Torrent yeah nice but kinda of cold as is newsgroups fast but nobody hardly bothers to say thanks for the files. WinMx is for many where it all started little wonder they want to breath life into the old programme.

    Use whatever you want. Thats all I can say.

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    LinkS v2.0's Avatar LinkS BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    I like winmx because its officially "dead" it is not a high target for r***
    Mr Angry

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinkS v2.0 View Post
    high target for r***
    Rats? oh right, RIAA. Get * treatment now?

    Personally I thought WinMX sucked giant donkey d**k. Or at least it did a few years ago, but each to their *wn.

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    Using WinMX just for chat? o_o Why don't you use IRC for that?

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    Sorry for the dumb question but is WinMx still available and open to new users?
    Profound statement coming soon... watch this space

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    winmx is still going and its free but they dont like leeches,ive been on it for 5 or 6 years

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    WinMX was so popular due to it's large selection of songs and many, many users. I'm not sure how many users they have now that the official site was shut down. I start it up every once in a while, but find it a bit to cumbersome compared to torrents.


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    Ive used winmx for years but have never really been satisfied with it
    "He who stands on toilet get high on pot"

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    I gave up on winmx I found it too slow, maybe Im just not patient enough

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