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Thread: Counterstrike Sprays

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    Jan 2003
    how do i do custom sprays

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    I recomend wally beacuse first do you spray in photoshop then you put it in wally and it transforms your .gif .bif or what ever into .wad which you put in your halflife -counter strike dir. ( you will know it works when it say r u sure you want to copy of this file?) ok well not much of an explination but it should do you nicely. or go here!

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    Jan 2003
    ive been there already
    but im still confused
    had wally
    but it didnt do anything
    it said join my spray into wad file
    but then it wont show up in options
    can u plz give a step by step guide
    cos ive alreaDY MADE MY SPRAY IN PAINT
    so step by step if u will plz

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    are you making the new .wad file and then going into the spray options in cs?

    cos if u are it will overwrite ur new spray with one of the default ones.


    make spray in photoshop or psp
    convert it into .wad with wally
    replace the pldecal.wad file in cs or hl folder cant remember which
    play cs and use ur new spray

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    These are the instructions if you're using the Half-Life mod version of CS. If you have the stand-alone retail version of CS, it's probably a similar process but the directory would be different (obviously)...


    Making a custom decal is a simple process. All you need is an image, and a paint program capable of simple palette manipulation and image scaling. Paint Shop Pro is ideal, and is available as shareware from The steps for creating a decal are: 1. Paint or scan an image. Make it 64 by 64 pixels in size, either by painting the image to that size, or by scaling your scanned image (or larger painted image.) ). Painting in black and white is recommended, because the final decal will be displayed as one color only. You can choose the color of your decal and you can change that color at any time
    between games using the game interface. Save your source decal as a black and white image, however.

    2. Use your paint program to make the image a "grayscale" image: that is, the palette (the colors that the image uses) should be a ramp from white to black. If you are painting the image yourself using Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, or some similar program, you can specify that you want the image to be grayscale before you start. With the palette going from black to white, any white in the image will be totally opaque, and any black in the image will be totally transparent (invisible). Any gray in the image will be translucent: very translucent if it is near-black, and close to opaque if it is near white. Some applications will ramp the palette from black to white when you select "grayscale." That is, if you look at the color palette, the first color (usually the upper left-hand corner color) will be black, and the last color (usually the lower right-hand corner color) will be white. In this case, you want to invert your image, such that the black portions of your image are the parts that will be opaque, and the white portions are the parts that will be transparent. Be sure you check what the palette looks like after you save your file, and adjust it if necessary. Think of it this way: if your decal looks like a chalk drawing on a blackboard, you want the first color in your palette to be black (which will come through as completely transparent), ramping to the last color which is white (which will come through as opaque). If your drawing looks like a pen drawing on white paper, the first color should be white, ramping to the last color which should be black.

    3. Save this image in your half-life\logos directory as a Windows bitmap (.bmp) file, and it will automatically show up in the list of decals you see in the launcher interface. There you can choose the decal's color. Changing the color of your decal during a game will not take effect for that game. Only after you restart your game will the new color appear.

    If you would like to view pre-made decals, several are shipped with Half-Life and can be found in the Half-Life\logos directory. These will give you a good idea about the file format and appearance of a decal, before it appears in the game.

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    Look around for a "Half-Life Logo Creator", all you have to do is install it, run it, and then just load a picture, click resize and click make wad, and you're done!

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    if you go into the options on cs it will overwrite the spary you made grrrrrr with the originals
    is a tale of vaild sizes and wolverines spray site has a nice tut on it too


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