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Thread: Switching over to usenet atlast

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    Hi guys,

    This is the first time i am using newsgroups/usenet and am overwhelmed with the benifits.

    I was a diehard Torrents fan and had been into e-learning in a very big way as I am running an academy here imparting Cisco, MCSE and other certifications.

    I need help/comments regarding the following:

    1. With Torrents there are some really great private trackers like BITME and BITSPYDER which have the best CBTs around, but the negetive side is you have to pay a min. us$10 for 10gb seed so that your acct is not disabled if you cannot keep the ratio above 1.

    2. I joined GigaNews but couldnot find much stuff relating to special CBTs on alt.binaries.cbts.
    Am I missing something. I am using Grabit, did download an excel cbt, and the speed was mind blowing (5mbps)

    Please lets start this thread with our experiances with CBTs.

    Also let me know how i can upload to the usenet as I have a very huge repository of CBts


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    This explains what you need to know about uploading:

    It's simple and easy. And remember that the powerpost program saves all settings etc. on disk so you don't have to set up everything every time you are going to post or when you reinstall OS.


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