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Thread: Is This A Good Deal?

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    One of the big box electronics retailers (the blue one, as opposed to the red one) is offering a Maxtor 120 gig 7200 rpm Ultra ATA/133 HD for $139 USD with a $60 mail in rebate. Total price (less tax) $79. Is this a good deal? I think it is but I would appreciate some comments. Thanks in advance.

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    One thing I forgot to add. The promo is for a 100 gig plus bonus 20 gig HD. Meaning its a 120 gig drive in a 100 gig box.

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    Yes, its a good deal, but the rebate may take some time getting into your hands. If you are patient, you'll be rewarded.
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    I just double checked the ad and its only a $30 rebate. It is definatly Monday

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    I am on a roll today. After reading the fine print, I have discovered that I was right in the first place!! Its a $60 rebate ($30 from Maxtor and $30 from Best Buy). Thanks for the input Jibbler I am going to get myself a new HD.

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    Hell yeah, that's a great deal! As a reference point, I usually consider anytime you can get a HD for less than one dollar per Gigabyte (i.e. a 60GB drive for $59.99) to be a good deal.

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    I bought and installed it this afternoon. Works like a charm.

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    Definately a good deal.

    I just purchasd a 120 Gig single drive by Western Digital with 8 MB cache and 8.9m/s seek from Circuit City with a $100 dollar rebate: total paid though $180 at time of purchase, thus, total paid = $80.

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    whats this rebait ???

    Us in England don't get it what is it ???

    ps.. i got a 120gig samsung quiet drive for 80 $110 ???

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    A "rebate" is defined as a discount which is not given at the time of sale.

    You send in some info, receipt and your address and you get some of the money you originally spent back a few weeks later.

    1/2 of the people are too lazy to follow the instructions exactly, and never get their money back.

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