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Thread: Speaker Question

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    Dear Readers,

    This is going to sound extremely dumb to ask but it is a semi excuse for me to buy new Speakers to my Parents... I'd go buy them myself but the price is too high and had a friend already buy it for me online (As my Credit Cards are linked to Dad's Account).

    But then I can't necessarily replicate my problem to prove to my parents that my speakers need replacing... They are Labtec LCS-2424 (I don't think they even make them/ sell them so ancient).

    And sometimes (Can't really give when) but the right Speaker will just Die out... And when I use the Volume control on my Keyboard Sometimes when highering the sound it will come back and when it it too low it will die out again... I have tried plugging/re-plugging the cable and sometimes that does the trick but then again at random times it just dies out.

    As of right now they are fine... but my plan is.. Is there anyway to just 'permanantly' turn off the Right Speaker (Until I get my new speakers). I tried the Sound Settings in Control Panal but then when I higher the volume via keyboard the right comes back on (And if I prove to dad they are broken I have to show through this method)... And I cannot damage the speaker (Rip off a cable or something).

    So wondering if anyone has any ideas...

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    all PC speakers have a stereo amplifier in them.

    it sounds like you have a channel in the amp that is failing.

    not much you can do about it outside of replacement.


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