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Thread: Which program to copy movies from hard drive to Dvd

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    I copied movies to hard drive using Dvd Shrink 3.2 now i would like to copy them to Dvd's to watch on my tv which is easiest or best program to do this, rather then having to recopy again to new spot on hard drive and burn using Dvd Shrink. Shame Dvd Shrink cant just pick up files and straight burn to Dvd as that would be so easy.

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    Get and install DVD Decrypter.

    Open DVD Shrink, click Open Files and select the folder containing the DVD files.

    Now click on "Backup" and in "Select backup target:" choose: ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter.

    Another small note: There are better ways to "copy movies to your hard drive". Check out AnyDVD.
    DVD Decrypter also works great as a ripper.

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    use nero to burn them back onto disk

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    there are many guides to using dvd shrink out there. do a google search on it if you're still having trouble.

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    VSO Software ConvertX2DVD

    very good software burns avis,mpegs u name it to dvd creates menus too!!



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