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Thread: Unreal Tournament 2003 Help!

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    Hi i got the 3 cds from kazaa lite and now i installed it and some files are corrupted. I read a post somwhere where som1 posted up a link for a website that has seperate files for the game. Can som1 tell me the site i really need to know. . . .



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    Does anyone know?????????????????????????????????


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    yep i downloaded all 3 also and the first one was curruped!

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    i downloaded all 3, cd 1 and cd 2 were corrupt had to get files from a site

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    Yea thats wat i need to know wat site did yu get it from please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this sight has single files

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    Originally posted by hard6281@26 May 2003 - 05:47
    this sight has single files
    Why Dident you post this a litel earlier i downloaded UT2k3 A time A go and i had to download Disc 2 3 times it all was corupted


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