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Thread: Any Black metal fans here?

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    Hi to all

    I was just wondering if you guys listen to black metals ???

    My fav. are : children of bodom, Cradle of filth, Satryicon, Death, Rotting Christ.

    Any one want to recommend any other best, greatly aprricated..

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    Children of Bodom and Death are not Black metal CoB are Melodic Death Metal and Death are death metal (their name says it ) Also Cradle of Filth are not Black metal exactly, it's can be described as extreme gothic metal. I'd suggest you Dimmu Borgir, they are the widest known Black metal band and they are pretty good in my opinion.

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    What do you think of norwegian black metal?

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    on something.
    I think busy is more into rap.

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    Norway has the longest history in black metal, and there are many good bands from there like Satyricon, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. I personally like these bands.

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    i'd have to also stress that children of bodom are not black metal. i'd call them melodic death metal. but we're just splitting hairs.

    i like dimmu borgir and thats about as far as i'll go. i just can't take those types of bands seriously. they're just so far out there it's beyond 'scary' or 'evil' and just plain silly.

    you GOTTA read this tho. it explains exactly what i mean.
    top 10 most ridiculous black metal pics of all time

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    rofl@link! xD
    Btw, I also hate the black metal image, it's too silly in my opinion...

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    Rap is the best

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    Ok, first of all...Children of Bodom is not black metal nor Melodic Death, it's power/Speed metal.

    The Black Metal I would recommend is:

    - Dimmu Borgir (old)
    - Satyricon (old)
    - Burzum
    - Carpathian forrest
    - Sykdom
    - Slavland
    - graveland
    - Darkthrone
    - Gorgoroth
    - Windir
    - Nargaroth

    And Immortal!!
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