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Thread: Video Sizing

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    Hellow yes i have an anime thats 30mins long but its 176mbs big the format i guess is a dvd rip and it just says "video clip'' I downloaded a naruto episode from this link and saw that his videos are only 30mbs big and it is also a 30mins epissode. Does anyone know how i could make my 176mb anime that small and look just as good as his? any help would be appricated. (ive tried contacting the person for the site but he doesnt answer"

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    The episodes on there all seem (only had a quick peek) to be rm files which is why they're so small, the other one you downloaded will be some form of mpeg4 file (probably xvid) and 175mb for an anime xvid episode is about right in that format.

    If you really want to go the route of rm files (stick with something better if you ask me) then have a look on


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