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Thread: Is it possible to share Newsgroups account?

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    Is there any newsgroups provider allow customers to share their accounts?
    I mean I can share an account (and bill, of course) with my friend?
    I used to share my NewsHosting account with my friend and I got Newshosting abuse warning saying that it must be fixed or my account will be closed.
    Please help, I'm a poor student.
    I need newsgroups for my study (ebooks, CBTs, Virtual Training courses), neither pornographic XXX nor entertaining (movies, music).

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    No provider will offically condone it.

    1 account = 1 account
    not 1 account = 1/2 account + 1/2 account.

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    Normally newshosting accounts are strictly for one IP-adress at the same time. You'll have to find a way to pass that. So sharing an account is no problem on one computer which has a specific IP-adress. If your friend wants to log in on his/her own computer which will have another IP-adress, the host will notice and act accordingly (warning or removal of service).
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