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Thread: E-Learning on the USENET

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    n00b BT Rep: +1
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    Jun 2005
    Hi all,

    Need some help and suggestions:

    1. Using Grab-IT with giganews on a 5mbps connection
    2. Looking for E-learning material specially CBTs
    3. Have subscribed to alt.binaries.cbts, but could get those cbts which are available with private torrent trackers like Bitspyder, BITMe or learnkey.
    4. I have tried searching but couldnot find anything relevant.
    5. Please get back with your experiances and others.

    After using this for a couple of days I would like to be honest.
    I find bittorrents more resoursefull as you can find anything you need. It costs much less than newsgroups and more stuff to download.

    I have a very huge collection of CBTs which are on my FTP server and the server is online 24x7

    username: cbts_offered
    password: welcome

    This login will only allow browsing the server.
    Please send an email to for download account setup

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    Uploading something that isn't on the server and requesting at the same time might be an idea.

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    Ac3Dunk's Avatar S.O.P-Laf BT Rep: +5
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    I think torrent trackers like Bitme and Bitspyder have a huge collections of E-learning materials ,if you are intersting in network, programming lang i suggest Bitspyder .


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