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    Virus Alert : Look out for emails from

    An executable mass mailer worm codenamed Win32.Palyh.A@mm is fakely sent from, has "All information is in the attached file" in the body, and the subject is one of the following:

    Your details
    Approved (Ref: 38446-263)
    Re: Approved (Ref: 3394-65467)
    Your password
    Re: My details
    Cool screensaver
    Re: Movie
    Re: My application

    Starting with 31st of May 2003 the worm stops spreading but it still infects the machine where it is executed.

    You can find more information and a free removal tool at

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    Oh shit I just got the file today and i didn't know what was it

    From the beginning it was odd since it came to one of my mail boxes that is private and I don't get there any of unknown e-mails.

    Good thing my "the Bat" renamed the attached file because it thought it was suspicious and I am very glad that it did. I deleted this file not knowing was it a true threat or no. I know...

    Thank you fot the info

    Beware of the trojans

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    yea i got that, i deleted it tho, cos it looked very suspisious to me. Remeber dont trust odd emails out of the blue, always be cautious.

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    I got it too..and I'm really shocked because I have nortons anti virus etc.....i did open the email....but nothing else...and I have scanned my system since hopefully I'm ok.....would it just have been activated if I had clicked on the attachments??

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    I think I too may have gotten this but I'm not sure cause I have ran the virus scan a lot of times

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    i hate spam and viruses and most of u r probably already doing the following but for those who arent a couple of rules with emails and the internet and u should be fine

    If u use outlook express then turn off the preview pane (view>layout>preview pane) this stops worms exploiting security holes in Outlook and also spam mail from sending info that ur email addy exists back to the sender

    Dont open any attachments that could run in some way (.vbs, .js, .bat, .com, .exe, .scr) watch out 4 .coms as well sometimes theyre sent as if they are an internet adress www, for example Also watch 4 double prefixes afile.mp3.vbs for example. I would highly recommend you turning the prefixes on in windows so u can see exactly what they are

    If the attachment is from someone u know with "open this" or something along thos lines check back with them. It probably didnt even come from them in the first place

    Dont open unsolicited mail (spam) you all know what it looks like... theres no point itll be about something u dont want anyway (viagra anyone?)

    Virus scanner!!!!! one that autoupdates - Norton antivirus, Mcafee are a couple.. buy one ull be glad u did

    Personal Firewall!!!! Zonealarm is good and free - these tell u whats using the internet so if u have a trojan dialing out u know

    hope this helps

    written in good faith!

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    The best trick in this one is the sender adres... for a lot of innocent people it will appear a genuine e-mail.

    .... but that department doesn't even excist there never did...


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