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Thread: IP masking

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    I have an account on mediafire ( and I've used it a few times. Recently I just get a blank page when I try to open it, without any error reports. I read somewhere on the Internet that they started blocking many countries (by IP) recently (though I can't find any more info on that, like the list of blocked countries). I tried to bypass that by using proxy servers to disguise my IP. I tried many (mostly from the lists on this site : ) but none of them worked properly. Most just didn't do anything (meaning that I would have to wait indefinitely for any site to open), some opened the site, but the logon procedure didn't work, and one worked perfectly, until I tried to upload a file, and then it reported that I can only use http through that proxy. Using that same proxy later, I opened the site and got a blank page again, like mediafire had somehow seen through my trick ?
    I'm using Win XP and Firefox 1.5, please tell me if you know of a way I can use mediafire, because I really need it...
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    Public proxies are generally hacked/stolen servers. Don't expect them to be fast at all, or to work for long.

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    better use TOR

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    I agree that tor would probably be your best and most reliable solution.

    For more information:

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    go to google and type proxy toplist

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    tor ftw.

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    Search for free proxy or use this linke

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    TOR sounds nice .. or use hideIP as well

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    i've been wondering about internet anonymity myself, but never done anything about it... i will check out TOR, thanks


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