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Thread: I Need A Little Help With My Computer...

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    hi, i need some help...i try turning on my computer and everything works exept that wen the windows loading screen(i am running ME if it matters...) is finished instead of showing up the log on thing, i get a message ''VGA NOT SUPPORT"...i cant cloase watever is doing this with ctrl alt del cuz nothing shows up and then after the second try it, of course, restarts! i tried once pressing like all the buttons and i got to my computer but then it forze in like a minute...i dont get it...wat could be wrong and wat can i do to get in my computer to try to fix this?

    i would really appreciate any help!

    ps- i am NOT on that computer now

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    i would go into safe made while pc is booting this you press F8 while loading windows (works on all windows)

    when loaded up will look basic / slow as no drivers are installed

    then goto start---settings----control pannel-----system propperties

    goto hardware/device manager tab on the new box that appear

    goto Display Adapters click on the + in the box

    then the name of the Graphic card will appeare ie.. Nvidia Geforce ,ATI Rage, SIS 730s ect.....

    right click and uninstall on the named Graphic card

    then restart PC it will ask you to do this ok

    then when you load back on you will have to re-install the drivers for your product if windows dosn't do it it's self.

    the only real chipset i have come across for this problem is the SIS 630/730 range where the driver disk were duff iffy wrong and needed a net based driver , quiet annoying cos it came with a shiny new 700 //$1000 laptop which crashed to if drivers from cd were installed and a m810e PC Chips all-in-one board with the SIS730's too had same CD Driver problem. Worked fine from NET not from CD

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    This happened to a friend of mine(with ME as well). Turned out his graphics card wasn't seated properly in the motherboard. Oddly, his computer had never been moved or anything. Simple enough to check anyways.

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    It could be a number of things

    PS me sux

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    try scaning the registry

    in the run box type scanreg

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    Ya Winme sux ass, I tried to upgrade Windows 2000 over WinMe and all you can say/sing is "Corruption everywhere." so i reformated with Windows 2000 and it was awesome. Except for internet explorer, too many errors
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    well to get the ie working properly download the ie6 with the sp1 on it then there aren't any problems, well i havent had any


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