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Thread: Whats The Most Stupidest,most Embrassing....

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    wEll it says it all in the the TITLE...the most stupidest...embarrsing thing u have done??

    once me and my friend saw this nice AUDI TT and we started STARING AT it and it was in a parking lot and we thought nobody was in dere and we just started touching the car a bit and staring at it like crazy lol and then suddenly the horn goes on and this guy comes out of the CAr and Starts shouting his assss off at us loool we ran our ass out of dere lol it was sooo funnny...

    one of the most embarrassing thing i did wen i was small and my mom went to the mall and my mom was just looking around in the store..and i was like 7-9 yrs old and i was pretty short and i saw this other lady and i thought she was my mom and i started talking to her and i was WALKING with her and then she looks at me and tells me wat r u doin???and i am like "MOM????" i was like totally freaked out lol but it was sooo embarrassing....

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    ummmm can I just say something......... this is softwareworld right????

    hmmm.....uhhhh....ehhhhh are the mods on drugs??? had late night out maybe

    This should eb in the lounge

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    also this is a doubl post

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    I read your topic

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    ahh whooz topic

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    i once scored an own goal in basketball...

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    I just remembered something!

    When I was about 6, we went for a family holiday to Butlins in Ayrshire. (no, that's not the embarassing thing&#33.

    Anyway, during the middle of a "family Entertainment" night in a pub, i decided that i needed to go to the Wee Mouse's room. My mum took me into the toilets where I spotted a condom machine....

    "MUM! What's that?! I shouted at the top of my wee lungs!
    "Err..." replied mum "A balloon machine, Stacy!"

    At this point most of the women in the toilets were killing themselves laughing...

    "Oooooh can I get one then?!" came my innocent reply...

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    a ha ha ha haha hah hah hahaha


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    lol How old were u??

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