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Thread: Peer Guardian

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    Does anyone know if Peer Guardian 2.0 is out yet. Someone in the guestroom said that they had version 2.0 and I cannot find it anywhere. If anyone knows where to get it,could you please give me a link to it. Thanks in advance. :beerchug:

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    Not yet still 1.96b.

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    ok I have that one already. I have another question if someone does not mind answering it. I have sygate personal firewall pro, and was wondering if I could just take the ip ranges from peer guardian and lod them into my firewall to block them, or should I just stick with the peer guardian program? :beerchug:

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    peer guardian works difereent to firewalls it isnt guite the same thing i would not bother just use the ip ranges for peer guadian mate

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    ok sounds good I will just stick with peer guardian then. Thanks. :beerchug:


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