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Thread: Help With Half Life

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    I d/l a file called "Half Life Full.exe," which works according to Verified Downloads. This was the 3rd time I downloaded such a file. After unzipping it I'm left with a bunch of .C files (the first of these is HL.C00, second HL.C01, third, HL.C02 and so on until HL.C57). I also have a few other file types and an setup thing. When I attempt to run it, it says

    "(3.20) D:\Program Files\Games\Half Life.INSTALL.EXE Dispatcher initialization error 11"

    The error box is entitled "SHRINKER.ERR"

    Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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    Click on the install file, or extract the ace file with WINRAR OR WINACE. After that click the setup file, then when thats finished click on the half life launcher in the place where you extracted the files, that should work.

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    Ya man i think that it's one of those Full Class rips. It should have an executable file in there somewhere. Those .C files are to be unzipped and opened by the main Executable.

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    Just buy it, it's worth it. BTW, rccola70, I took down the x-box hackers site in your signature a LONG time ago.

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    no point of downloadin half life cause u wont be able to play it it aint no fun...GO BUY THE FUKIN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aiite???GO NOW!!!!!!!!!RUN TO SHOP AND STEAL IT OR SUMTHIN LOL joking...

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    If it came with a Keygen then DO NOT USE IT. It's a virus attached to the keygen


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