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Thread: Headless torrenting machine

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    A headless machine is one without a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or other external parts, just the beige box sitting in the corner. I keep attempting to get one running just right for torrenting and there is always some problem. Currently I have a machine running ubuntu 6.10 server with ssh running for remote access and samba for accessing the downloads. It runs azureus in screen in console mode and azureus uses the azhtmlgui and azsmrc for remote control. However, I have yet to find a good way to manage rss feeds with this. Anyone have any suggestions, or other options? It's an old machine so I want a minimalistic setup.

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    I am using an old PIII running Windoze 2000 and utorrent as a headless server - works very well and is stable.

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    how do you manage ur rss feeds? I need a way to do that remotely.

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    utorrent has the capability inbuilt

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    but utorrent can't manage the rss feeds remotely.... thats what I'm trying to do.. I have no monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc on that machine so I can't exactly log in to a local gui on it

    edit: I don't want to use vnc or windows desktop sharing either since that means a gui must be running on the "server" and its not strong enough to do that sort of thing, that and vnc and windows desktop sharing are bulky.

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    have you checked out torrentflux? seems like it's exactly what you're looking for

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    Ah sorry - I use vnc on my pIII headless server and it works fine - doesnt seem to use too much cpu etc

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    Utorrent acctually has a web interface similiar to tflux now as well.
    I noticed AZ has one now as well.
    Personally utorrent works great for me so I would prefer at least trying the web interface over the other ones.

    Tflux is a ram zapper.

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    Torrentflux requires what they call "hacks" to the web code in order to add basic funtionality and bug fixes. I don't really care to learn all that stuff in order to just get functionality found in most basic clients. Other than that, it seemed to work ok.

    Edit: Both the AZ and uTorrent web interfaces DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have rss feed configuration. That is what I'm mainly trying to gain...


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