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Thread: Deal Or No Deal

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    I bought a new data player as my previous one did not play all DVD data disks I put in it, some would, some not, it came to the stage I was getting a bit pissed off with it as you would be watching a movie and it would just stop.
    Model Wharfedale DVD 3210dvx ebuyer @ 19.99

    My new player came today,
    Biostek XS-250A Pro 19 from

    The only problem was it arrived damaged, as seen in this picture

    I tested it and it runs fine, so I decided to mail pixmania telling them of this item being delivered damaged, but working 100%,

    The Deal: "Can you let me have a second unit at a cut price to save me sending this unit back" as I wanted one for the bedroom

    No Deal: pixmania said,
    Unfortunately, we can not do deals like this. If your parcel has been damaged we recomend you to send it back to Pixmania.

    I don't think i'm prepared to send it back as I've been waiting to watch my films for so long, it's a shame, but the process will take too long, this item should have been on a 3 day service but took a week to arrive to my address.

    So far all my disks are working 100%
    It's a good data player, but it's a shame that Parcel Force can't take care with goods sent via them.

    It's now a decision to make, what shall I do,
    Send it back, and just hang on for a replacement
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    send it back m8

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    Isit worth the hassle for 20,if it fucks up you've got the warranty.

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    keep it.

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    It has more character this way.

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    I agree.
    The hassle, and yes....... it has added character.
    I will have to pay for its return, and that will cost around 5,
    It will then take 3 days to get to its destination,
    Time for them to process a replacement,
    The return post that took 7 days before.

    Even by that time they would have probably sold out,
    Things like this sold @ 19 is not going to last long.

    I've had it running for most of the day, with no problems at all,
    I'm just glad I've found a replacement to that Wharfedale I had,
    Will sell that unit on eBay, but will be honest and say it has a problem with DVD data disks so I don't have any come back.
    It will play CDR media data no probs,
    But I like to backup my films on DVD so I can get 5 on a disk.
    Nice unit, recommended.
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    I would send it back.

    If you bought it in a shop you would expect it to be on sale, or a heavily reduced price tag with damage like that.

    But if it works, your happy, and can't be arsed... enjoy.


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