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Thread: nzbsrus site

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    Speaking of site problems...well a different site, however. What's up with the nzbsrus site??? Since Saturday (01.13.07) I've not been able to get on to it? Is it finally going down?

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    Its working fine for me. Do you get any error messages or is it just not found?
    However there are some problems with browsing.
    For example in my profile I only want to browse certain categories, so I check them off and apply the changes. When I click browse it doesn't remember what categories I want to browse and displays them all.

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    Thanks for the tip. BTW I experienced the same browsing quirk as you too. As for the logging on...I reset my modem, closed my browser, then rebooted and now can get on again. Not sure why it took these steps, but all is well. Thanks.


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