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Thread: Have a few questions to ask

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    I have accounts at TB TL and FL. Why is is that in TL the torrents live past the TTL time and on the other two they don't.

    Also what speeds if you have account there do you get. I have a 6M/686kb connection and i only get to download usually at 400KB.

    Also what would one need to do to get an invite to SCT? I understand it is hard to get one but has anyone here gotten one?

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    If you are talking about what speeds on TL. Most of the time I can download there at about 3,000 or more to my server. You have to have really good connections to get in SCT. Best site I have ever seen or used.
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    TL has magic over TTL

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    Not sure what this has to do with invites (except the last bit). It would have been better if you had split it into 2 threads.

    Anyway, to answer your first bit, I assume TL leave torrents past their TTL as long as they have seeds and will disappear as soon as there are no seeds.

    I can see advantages in the TL method, since you won't lose a partial download just because the TTL is up.

    For example, if there's something that will take a few hours to download, but there isn't that much TTL left, then there's no point in starting the torrent on TB or FL. If you don't happen to notice, or you think you've got time but something happens to slow your dl, you are going to end up being disappointed.

    Regarding speeds, I usually only get about 400KB/s download on a single torrent no matter what the source (on 8Meg line) but I can usually max my bandwidth if I've got more than one torrent. Don't know why, but that's what happens. Maybe there's something limiting a particular connection upstream.
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