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Thread: My Limewire Download Speed

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    I have 5meg connection and Limewire Pro, but when downloading the speeds havent even gone over 70kbps, shouldnt it be alot higher, im on a new vaio laptop aswell, when i had my old pc and and 2 meg connection, i would get speeds over 200kbps

    ne help,?? cheers

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    Check your connection settings are they set right ? Its a new setup as well did you apply the tcp/ip connections patch?

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    try using Frostwire i had a few problems with limewire pro so i tried frostwire, and my speeds increased, although Frostwire runs off limewire's core i dont know y its faster

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    No matter how fast your connection, if you don't have peers than you aren't going to download very fast. The fastest I've seen on Limewire is about 120KB/sec, but I often download at closer to 60KB/sec. I have a 4 mbps connection, so you're not doing much worse than me. I am thinking that Limewire is getting bogged down, and quick.

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    noting better than torrent

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    i agree, i dont like limewire too much because most of the time the songs i look for dont have people with fast connections uploading

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    Yes lately I have got stuff all from Limewire.

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    don't allot of cable modems cap their data transfer? i have the same problem: i have configured tcpip.sys with that lvllord patch, done the tcpip optimizer from speedguide... uhmmm and i configured utorrent correctly. having done all this, on s**** i still on max @ 200kbps dl when i directly connect to my modem. my isp advertises my conncetion to be 3mbps dl. i would give anything to get that upload speed -_-;;.

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    i suggest taking a look @ frostwire if you wanna use the government-infested gnutella network


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