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Thread: Actual Length Not Same As Description

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    Video description does not tally with actual downloaded video, eg. description may say that video is 2 hours long but actual video stops after say 15 minutes. Has anyone else had that problem and have you found any solution to it? This makes it difficult to find a full video. Suggestions greatly apprciated.

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    its probally a fake file. it can actually be 2 hours of blackness, but because the blackness isnt really data it will just not bother playing it. you can notice if a file is like this if your download speed is extreamly high, its because its not really downloading anything. i downloaded a file at 25kb solid and rising once, and im on dialup, and then i watch it and its just 2 hours of blackness.. expet it plays for like 1min, then doesnt bother palying the rest.

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    1. Look at the file size not how long it's suppose to be.
    (movies can be anywhere from 100-150Mb up to 700-800Mb in size)

    2. Use verified hashes for large files such as movies and TV shows

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    A few of my vids time length is wrong and they aren't fakes, however most are right times.


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